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Albino Riganello

Albino Riganello, with more than 20 years of experience in the customized luxury goods and jewelry industries, was the chief designer of the top luxury brand GIVENCHY, an internationally renowned designer from Europe and lives in New York. He cooperated with D&K Sheepskin UGG to release designer limited series in AW 2019, which was seen as masterpieces under designer's inspiration. For each piece of D&K Sheepskin UGG, Albino Riganello selected the exquisite craftsmanship of customized luxury goods, and made a combination of the European touch feeling with the New York-style fashion, so that fusion between the clean tailoring and charming sexy style has been shaped. Ingenuity was shown in details, and every piece of work through D&K sheepskin UGG and Albino Riganello is a luxurious craft shines with a perfect designing concept.